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Past Winners

The Chamber has given awards since 1957. Dr. Siegfried was the first Citizen of the Year. The next oldest award is Business of the Year, first awarded in 1970 to Cincinnati Gas and Electric. The President’s Award was added in 1973, Bernie Eichholz was the recipient.

In 1992, 4 more awards were added:

  • Industry of the Year. Union Camp was the first recipient.
  • Thirkield Award for commercial property renovation was added. Bill Shera was the first recipient.
  • Eldridge Award for Historical Preservation. St. Mary Parish was the first recipient.
  • Perry Maxwell award for promoting community goodwill: Franklin Square was the first recipient.

Awards are given each June at our annual meeting. The nomination window will be open in late spring. 

View this list of all past winners through 2019.