About Us

City of Carlisle

The Village of Carlisle, Ohio is a municipality of approximately 5,000 people, located in the Dayton-Cincinnati metropolitan area. Carlisle is home to an excellent school system, a diverse commercial and industrial base, and a strong, family-oriented community.

From the near-constant presence of trains, calling back to its days as a railroad town, to its roots as a rural, agricultural community, it is evident that Carlisle has a long history, rich in both culture and commerce — a history that we are eager to extend into the twenty-first century.

If you are drawn here by the assurance of educational excellence, the lure of small-town charm, or the promise of industrial success, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for. Whether you hope to start & raise a family, enjoy a friendly community with a quiet, rural atmosphere, or take your business endeavors to the next level, Carlisle is the place for you. Welcome home!