Hospice Care of Middletown Ranked #1

June 22, 2023

Recently, based on family surveys, Hospice Care of Middletown has been rated the #1 hospice in Ohio and #3 in the nation!  These findings are a result of surveys sent to every hospice caregiver in the U.S. (2 months after their loved ones' death) and reflects their personal experience with hospice. 

Medicare began to "grade" hospices on these surveys last year to help compare care based on these numbers.  Hospice Care of Middletown is the only 5 Star hospice in southwest Ohio. 

There are 8 different measures and Hospice Care of Middletown are at the top of 7 of them in Ohio.  The measures include items such as:

Did you get help for pain and symptoms?  Did the hospice team communicate appropriately with you?  Did the hospice team treat you and the patient with respect?  Would you recommend this hospice to your family and friends?

The results are a testament to the hard work the staff of Hospice Care of Middletown put in every day for every patient and family.  So, when those difficult decisions need to be made, people in our area can rest assured they can access the best care available.  

-Beth Dorn, RN, BSN

Community Liaison